About Me

I'm a Linux Sysadmin and I've been using Linux for about 15 years now. I got my start with Ubuntu, but quickly became thirsty for more and found myself using Gentoo for many years. When I finally got tired of watching things fail to compile, I switched to using Arch Linux which strikes a good balance between bleeding edge and stability. My career has driven me towards learning about HPC and (primarily) ZFS-backed storage solutions that are nimble and tolerant, and I am most comfortable working on RedHat family systems. That being said, I've got experience with Illumos-based distros such as OmniOS as well as FreeBSD, making me one of the most interesting people I know. I also co-host the Sysadministrivia podcast, which provides great opportunities to learn a little bit about everything when it comes time to cover a given topic on the show.

When I'm not at a computer I enjoy making pottery, fly fishing, cooking, and reading books. Some of my most recent creations have been in the world of fermented foods - I make a mean spicy, pickled carrot! Oh, yeah - I also love ducks. I think ducks are great because they're always swimming around and quacking at each other. Or maybe sometimes they're just quacking for no reason, but they seem pretty happy about it.

If you want to see my most up-to-date list of accomplishments I recommend you check out my resume or LinkedIn. For general inquiries, or just to say hey, feel free to utilize the social links in my footer! If you are interested in hiring me for any professional services, check out Bytewise Consulting.